Welcome to my site! Since 1995, I have dedicated my professional life to helping others from all walks of life to become more successful based on his or her own definition of success. I have been a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Massachusetts since 2004, a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor since 2003 and a Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor in Massachusetts since 2007.

This is helpful to you because you will by guided by a committed and trained professional who takes a customized approach. Using various psychotherapeutic techniques, including coaching, here are the benefits of my services:

I have dedicated my life to becoming an agent for positive change in both my counseling patients and my coaching clients. For those of you seeking psychotherapy, I am confidently able to work with you in person or online using counsol.com. For those of you seeking Recovery Coaching or Life Coaching, we will work together in person or using the telephone.

I am committed to offering you the highest standard of services, ethically and with complete confidentiality. Working together from the comfort of your home or office is ideal for those who are short on time. Online or phone sessions are conducted using secure and encrypted technology. Therapeutic email exchanges allow you to send me detailed information about your situation, taking time with your words and concerns.

I will return an email with feedback, suggestions and recommendations. Email is not in real time and can provide meaningful time between exchanges to reflect on responses.

If you enjoy language, reading, communicating via letters, email and chat, then you will enjoy a counseling process that is text-based. The use of language can be very powerful. Using text as the basis for therapy is much like reading a book that paints the picture perfectly while the movie might not do justice.

With each service you get;

• A set of questions, which you typically receive within 24 hours.
• A confidential and concise initial evaluation to understand what has happened.
• Interactive counseling, with detailed emails, allowing you to respond to questions and suggestions and get comprehensive feedback.
• A guaranteed 48 hour response.
• An unconditional money back guarantee.

How Individual Coaching Works

I consult by phone for those out of the local area, or in person for those in the Greater Boston area. It’s easy to get started with an Intro Session. Are you a male executive, business owner, or director-level employee looking for help?
I can provide you with carefully customized ideas and solutions to help you resolve your professional and personal problems. I will help you define and achieve your goals for a better business – and a better life. With my help, you will learn to take action more consistently and be accountable for your progress

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